Hi Tumblr world! Sorry for neglecting you, but just to let you know.. Thanks to the strength from God, I’m 139lbs now.. Without God, this number is not possible, so the credit really goes to Him. Thank you, Jesus! :)

The Mental Game

Who would have thought the game of tennis can toy with your mind in such a way, that your game crumbles with a single bad shot. Your mind gets so distorted about that last shot and on the next point, you find yourself hitting that ever so, tiny yellow ball right into the net.. there goes the game!  Can you bounce back? Yes, you really can, BUT it is extremely hard. Once you fall into the trap of: “double faults,” “ball into the net,” ” your body freezes up and cannot get to the ball,” it takes more to get out of that funk than getting into the pit in the first place. Getting back to the positive thinking or I would like say.. “do not think, but play and move on”. It is difficult, it is one of those things that it is easier said than done. However, today I can tell you, I did not bounce back and I ended up after the game, smacking the living daylight out of a few tennis balls. I have to say, I felt better, but I have to remember not to let one game get to me. After years of tennis, this is still a working progress. The game of tennis and I will always be in a love hate relationship. 

Quality Time

Alright, if you guys do not know by now, my love language is quality time with acts of service right behind it. If you do not know what I am talking about, you should look it up online, search, the Five Love Languages. In case you were wondering what those five love languages are: quality time, acts of service, physical touch, giving gifts, and words of affirmation. 

Anyway, with quality time, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy spending time with people. We can do absolutely nothing, we can be doing the most tedious things ever, or actually doing something and I would love every minute of it! Granted, there those awkward moments of silence, but I do not feel you need to talking consistently to enjoy each other’s presence. So, let’s hang out more, people! :) 

Highlights of My Trip to Socal

Out of everything I have done in Socal, the best thing by far, was catching up and hanging out with with my friends. I tell you this now, if God has plans for me move to Socal, I would in a heart beat. So, pray for me.. if there is an opportunity in the future. :) 

1. Going to Disneyland with church friends. I loved World of Colors and the Toy Story ride! Oh, and I started to collect the 3D Mickey shape pins!

2. Eating with Elsa and the Hino’s at Soup Plantation. Definitely was full that night! 

3. Visiting FCBC-LA and eating at Rick’s Fish Tacos stand. The tacos were soo good, I wanted a third one, but I had to tell myself no.. 

4. Sara Bareilles Concert! Well, the main event was Sugarland.. but still, Sara was absolutely amazing as always. The adventure getting into and out of the Greek amphitheater was crazy! I think we even went off-roading to get of the parking lot.  On a side note, there are some hardcore country fans out there! :)

5. The Voice Tour Concert! That is correct, another concert! Haha.. I honestly, did not have any expectation going into the concert, but it was a lot fun! It was weird at first, because you been watching these contestants on tv for a few months and then you are there watching them perform live. Also, I wanted to see if their voices sounds the same on tv and as do live, I can report back and say.. it’s pretty much same.. Frenchie and Javier killed it that night!

6. Eating at Cooks, Umami Burgers and getting milk tea at Half and Half with CDub was pretty epic! Oh, and I forgot about watching Captain America tooo! :) 

7. Golfing range with Jade and Darwin was pretty fun! First time at a golfing range and I don’t think it will be my last time there. Thanks guys, for not making fun of me as I tried to swing at the ball.. haha :)

8. Hanging out with the Hinos! The kids are growing up soo fast! It is very interesting to see their personalities coming out more each time I visit. 

9. My friend, David and I ordered a beef noodle dish at Ledo Cafe, and they forgot to put any beef in it… may not be a highlight.. but it was sure funny! Haha.. 

10. Lastly, how can I not talk about traffic when we are talking about Socal! I surely do not miss Socal traffic one bit! CDub and I were stuck in local street traffic for about an hour and half just trying to go our concert for the Voice, and the distance was only about 7 miles that we needed to travel.. Ridiculous, I know!

Thanks again for the memories, guys! :D



i’d cop this.

Lovin’ it. I’d buy this.

:D :D 
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i’d cop this.

Lovin’ it. I’d buy this.

:D :D 

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My Last Day in Socal..

Tear! It has already been a week and tomorrow, I got back to the daily grind of Norcal.. My trip has been great with friends and lots of awesome food.. too good for my own good.. :) Here is the lovely list:

Thursday: Tasty Gardens

Friday: 1/2 of hot link corn dog, only a couple of bits of Dole Whip Float - Disneyland

Saturday: Soup Plantation

Sunday: Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Monday: no where special.. only if you count In and Out

Tuesday: Italian Cafe place.., Ledo Cafe

Wednesday: Cooks, Unmai Burgers, Half and Half

Today: it’s a misery still.. :)

—- Lots of calories, which means, more time at the gym!

Next post: 10 or more favorite things of this previous week

Trying to Not Live for the World..

We are call not to be of the world.

We are call not call to live for the world.

But, to be in the world, to serve God and His people.

He gave His life, so I can be free - Tim Be Told